RAYA ANI interdisciplinary work of Architecture and Design

Bawadi Park


RAYA ANI- Design Leader- EEK Architects

The design vision for Bawadi Park is to create a walkable “micro-city” where buildings and public spaces are seamlessly interwoven in a single network. The design concentrates a significant level of built development along the perimeter of a gracious open space known as Bawadi Park. Bawadi Park lies at the very heart of this four-block project both in terms of its location and in terms of its significance. Surrounded on all four sides by built development with an unmistakably urban feel, Bawadi Park functions within its immediate urban environment like Central Park does within Manhattan or Hyde Park does within London: it provides a retreat for city-dwellers in the middle of a dense, high-energy urban environment. Central to the design vision is an appreciation of the delicate relationship between urban density and energy consumption. In this vision, land is treated as a precious resource in which vertical expansion is the only truly efficient possibility for urban growth.

The Bawadi Park Project is defined by its commitment to sustainable design on a number of levels. With its unique, encapsulated water feature, the Water Tower prominently displays the project’s sustainable features. Meanwhile, the wind turbines in the park harvest energy for the development while also serving as a symbol for the development as a whole.

The Bawadi Park Project uses several passive environmental strategies; for instance, natural ventilation in its promenades feature shading panels that respond to temperature. Geo-thermal technology is also used to extract cool air to circulate throughout the buildings and the promenades. Lastly, on the east, west and south facades of the Water Tower there are solar collectors. In the collectors, glass tubes absorb heat from the sun; the heated water is then sent to absorption chillers to generate chilled water.

A gracious public space in the heart of the city which also captures the vastness of the desert, Bawadi Park will be an iconic destination within Dubailand. Within each block of Bawadi Park, visitors will encounter an oasis and retreat.

Bawadi Park houses an urban energy farm that is populated with wind turbines clustered at the intersection between all four blocks. The vertical structures of the wind turbines are icons of sustainability that define and identify Bawadi Park and mark it as a unique destination for leisure and cultural enrichment.

Project Bawadi Park is a vibrant, mixed-use development combining residential, office, and retail spaces with two additional public amenities: a cultural promenade and a leisure promenade. To this end, the densely-massed, mixed-use buildings in Project Bawadi Park share amenities and occupy a relatively small amount of land, leaving more space for parks and other public open spaces.

These promenades are the connectors which draw the value of Bawadi Boulevard to the south-lying blocks. The project aims to create a truly urban environment by situating many different activities in close proximity to each other, and by providing not only a myriad of private spaces for work and living, but also ample public spaces in order to encourage the variety of shared experiences that define life in every great city.

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