RAYA ANI interdisciplinary work of Architecture and Design

Plaza 91


RAYA ANI- Design Leader- EEK Architects

The 4.23 hectare site takes advantage of it’s distinct location. Located along a major thoroughfare and fronted by the Long Xuyen Canal, it sits at the cross road between the existing Government Center and the new proposed CBD across the Long Xuyen Canal. The development is both the cultural and commercial center for Long Xuyen. An urban environment for residents and tourists to meet, shop, dine and enjoy activities such as shopping, dining, concerts, shows and conventions.

The north and south parcels are both fronting plaza 91 created to provide a public plaza where retail shops, convention center visitors and other site functions enjoy a place that can easily be identified for social activities. It is an urban space where people can enjoy the views of the canal, take a break from the pressures of the city and contemplate. It can be a place for relaxation or a location for convening.

The project maximizes its value with the location of the residential and hotel towers along the canal enjoying 360 degree views as well as the location of the office tower and convention hall along the main street for easy access.

Sustainable measures have been considered in the design from building orientation to shading, natural ventilation  and alternative energy strategies.

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