RAYA ANI interdisciplinary work of Architecture and Design

Marina Terminals

Nakheel Water Terminals- Dubai, UAE

RAYA ANI- Design Leader- EEK Architects

A study for Nakheel Water terminals to propose Mutli-modal hub options and to create a distinct identity so each of the Nakheel Marina projects can have a unique but instantly recognizable identity. Three modes of transportation – ferry, helicopter, and monorail – intersect where different elements of transportation converge at different levels, creating a sense of verticality within the central structure. Each transportation element inserted into the hub possesses its own distinctive shape.

  • The terminals will serve to bring people together, providing people with an inviting and dramatic resting place offering shelter and shade.
  • The central public space invokes the abstract image of a nest, a resting place or haven loosely woven from different strands of material.
  • This interstitial, central space will become a temporary haven in a traveler’s migratory journey from one point in the city to another.

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