RAYA ANI interdisciplinary work of Architecture and Design


MEETH- Primary School, New York City

RAYA ANI- Design Leader- EEK Architects

The challenge was to preserve the building’s original 1917 shell while accommodating a completely new program, including the addition of a top-floor gym and a rooftop playground. The design incorporates an undulating, perforated screen to both camouflage the height of the gym and provide a protective enclosure for the playground. Composed of alternating bands of red and orange, the screen adds a playful, modern element to the building’s historic facade while subtly picking up on its proportions. The alternating bands of color continue inside the school where they are used to help reenergize the corridors and add a sense of movement and dynamism.

“We wanted the building to be much more than just a container for the school; we wanted both its exterior and interior to express the tremendous energy of the school and its students. By adding color and bold forms, we tried to give the building a new dimension while at the same time preserving its historic beauty and saving its shell.”

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