RAYA ANI interdisciplinary work of Architecture and Design

Monihan Station

Monihan Station- New York City

Design Leader- EEK Architects.

In 2007, EEK was hired by the Empire State Development corporation to assist the City of New York in their efforts to expand the design of the Expanded Monihan/Penn station Redevelopment Project, a monumental plan to dramatically improve rail transit operation and passenger experience into and through New York city, while also developing the west Mid-Town of Manhattan into a thriving mixed-use district. The project involved reviewing, analyzing, and commenting on the full scope of the expanded project within the context of the neighborhood and larger fabric of the city. We studied the pedestrian and the vehicular circulation, transit function and level of service, quality of space, architectural character, historic preservation, streetscape, and signage.

We proposed a glass structure as an Entrance to the train tracks  that sits underneath the post office as well as exposing the function of the transit system below  by converting portion of the stone steps into glass steps. The landmark building is preserved while the function of the internal spaces are revealed to the commuters and the city at large.

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