RAYA ANI interdisciplinary work of Architecture and Design

Sunset Industrial


RAYA ANI- Design Leader- EEK Architects

The design for Sunset Industrial Marketplace draws from the Industrial Heritage of the area in which it is situated. Sunset Park is a vibrant industrial and residential neighborhood in southwest Brooklyn. It aims to preserve New York City’s industrial architectural fabric by protecting and reusing the existing Federal Building No. 2 while featuring its industrial users.  The mixed-use aspect of the project will help to invigorate the area light-industrial and help to revitalize the area at large. This will broaden the cultural landscape and add to its diversity.

Sunset Place is a public space shared by both pedestrians and autos alike. This former street is transformed into a public event space using walls and others structures for signage and projection. This space creates a connection between the two buildings with the use of unified paving and street texture to highlight main lobby and entrances into both buildings. A bridge at the fourth level spans the Sunset Square creating a feature element within the space as well as a physical connection between the two buildings.  It is inspired by the bridge connections in the surrounding area.

The architectural language while celebrating the industrial past, adds another dimension to the site’s future, by creating a retail use in conjunction with the light industrial use, activating and supporting the area. The design preserves the existing power plant and its vertical smoke stack on the site. The new building is low-lying to open views to the smoke stack beyond.  The long facade of the new building is broken up by elements that incorporate signage, such as a stair tower that act as a display case for artists as well as the light industrial tenants. The new building includes a parking garage of 4 floors to service the light industrial uses as well as the new retail uses.

Canopies for the new building as well as ones added to the existing building will recall the area’s industrial nature using pieces of salvaged material. This will further work to unify the two structures. The skin of the new building is made out of corrugated metal.  It folds back, at the edge, as it becomes the roof, where a roof garden is carved out providing a green space. This green space will serve both aesthetic and environmental considerations, working as a green roof to reduce run-off.Other sustainable features that will be included on the roof will be photo-voltaic panels and wind turbines.

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